No warm water? Geyser trouble? Do I call a Plumber or an Electrician?

No warm water? Who do you call? A plumber or an electrician?

It certainly is an emergency if you do not have warm water. Unless it is obvious
(example: dripping water) it can be tricky to determine the problem.

Is the geyser burst? Does it have power? Is the element faulty? Is a Plumber or an Electrician needed to resolve this?

Before making an emergency call it is important to do the following to prevent unnecessary or continuous damage.

One: Turn the water supply to the geyser off.

Usually at the entrance to the building OR at the main water supply.


Two: Switch off the power to your geyser at the electrical distribution board (DB).

Press the circuit breaker labelled “geyser” to the OFF (down) position. Also open a warm water tap for a minute or so to let out any pressure.

Then make the telephone call to a plumber or electrician

Call the plumber:
– if water is leaking
– you suspect the geyser is burst
– you suspect some pressure or relief valve is broken

Call the electrician:
– if you think the geyser may not have power
– the geyser timer is visibly showing an error

Who do you call?

In actual fact, it does not matter who you call, as long as it is The Plumbing Lady or The Electric Lady on 082 453 8001.

They are “sisters” in home maintenance, renovation and new installations for plumbing or electrical work.

It’s that easy, call 082 453 8001 and you will have a reliable and trustworthy plumber or electrician at your service. Qualified and registered with relevant authorities and willing to go the extra mile.

It does not matter WHO YOU CALL, we do it all😊

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