Take an easy step to reduce your electricity costs

Do you want to start taking steps to reduce your electricity costs? Here is probably the easiest way to do so, at relatively low costs and with fairly significant savings.

In this article you will see that, based on simple cost comparisons, by replacing heavy energy consumption bulbs
(old style incandescent) with energy efficient ones (LED’s), you can start your cost saving journey to reduce energy costs in your home.

Step 1: Change existing (incandescent) bulbs to LED’s (Light-emitting Diode)

Incandescent light bulb
Incandescent light bulb
LED light bulb.
LED light bulb






An LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb 
produces light by passing the electric current through a semiconducting material—the diode—which then emits photons (light) through the principle of electroluminescence. Don’t let that big word scare you! … The electrical resistance of the filament causes it to get so hot that it glows, producing light. And at much cheaper electrical costs!

Lumens measure brightness. For example, a 60-watt incandescent bulb produces about 800 lumens of light. By comparison, an LED produces that same 800 lumens, BUT uses only 9 watts. It really is a “no-brainer”.

The comparison below illustrates the cost savings possible by simply replacing your existing high voltage bulbs
(incandescent or compact fluorescent lights) with LED lights. By replacing, for example, 10 bulbs, including labour at roughly R1500, your “investment” return in 10 years surpasses R15000.

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(non-inflationary numbers used for 10 bulb replacements)

Comparison: normal (incandescent) bulbs vs LED’s (used for 4 hours a day, 30 days per month)
Incandescent: 10 bulbs of 60W for 120 hrs = 72kWh per month x R2,08/kWh = R150 per month
LED: 10 bulbs of 9W for 120 hrs = 10,8kWh per month x R2,08/kWh = R23 per month

Comparison over 10 years (without inflation)
Incandescent : R150 p.m. x 12 months x 10 years = R18 000
LED : R23 p.m. x 12 months x 10 years = R2 760
Difference : R15 240

Estimated cost to make the change (material and labour) = R1 500
Return on R1 500 investment: More than 10 times (R15 240/R1 500) (inflation not considered)


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